LovePeople - Valerie - Male Fronted Soft Rock on Raving-Records. Singer/songwriter Donovan Stark.

LovePeople – Valerie is in wide release and the party has started. Due to the Covid 19 restrictions, the Hollywood style party is raging online in a virtual setting. Social media platforms are buzzing with the news. Bloggers, radio and playlisters are all jumping on board to promote the male fronted soft rock artist, LovePeople. “Valerie is a special song to me and hearing the stories from my listeners, warms my heart and reminds me of our deep need for love” said Donovan Stark, singer/songwriter of LovePeople. Enjoy a listen and join the Hollywood party to celebrate the release of Valerie!

LovePeople - Valerie Record Release Party - Hollywood - Oct 16, 2020
Male Fronted Soft Rock singer/songwriter, Donovan Stark